Over 20 Years Experience In Coatings


Almost indestructible industrial floor coatings designed to last for decades.

Employee safety is a crucial concern when it comes to the flooring in your machine shop, factory, food processing center or warehouse, followed only by the importance of maximizing floor longevity.  At Garage Floors In A Day, we intimately understand that no one should ever have to choose between those two critical factors when looking for an affordable floor system.  This is why we’ve carefully designed an affordable, heavy-duty coating with the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, heavy machinery, high impacts, drastic temperature changes, and much more without sacrificing efficiency or the safety of your team members.  
Our state-of-the-art industrial floor coating offers you decades of durability, an efficient installation process, and maximum slip-resistance.  Additionally, our industrial customers receive:
  • An incredibly resilient, flexible base coat which which creates a powerful bond to your concrete floor, eliminating the possibility of chipping or peeling
  • A specially-designed, armor-like top coat which shields your floor from impact damage, scuffs, scrapes, chemical damage, and harsh UV radiation
  • A sloped base which blends seamlessly into surrounding walls to protect wall and floor seams from moisture intrusion 
Just like you, we take pride in our work.  Every installation is completed by our hand-selected team of highly trained technicians and backed by a 15 year product warranty.  When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your expertly-installed floor will still be performing for decades to come.  
To learn more about how our industrial floor coating can benefit your company, schedule your free on-site consultation with one of our experts today!