Over 20 Years Experience In Coatings

Are you tired of coming home to a dirty garage? You clean and you organize every weekend but the oil stains and cracks in the foundation just leave your garage looking unkempt. Iif you are located in Cleveland, Ohio and are in desperate need of a garage flooring contractor, then look no more! 

We Install New Garage Floors

Garage Flooring Contractors In Cleveland Ohio

Whether you are residential, commercial or industrial we provide our services to all! We offer a variety of colors and patterns to choose from and have a very precise process in which we lay your new floors. First we prep the floors, repair any cracks in the concrete, apply the basecoat, broadcast the chips, scrape the chips and finally, lay the clear coat. The clear coat will be fully cured within 4-6 hours meaning you will have your new garage floors completed in just one day! 

Located In Cleveland Ohio

If you are in Cuyahoga county of Cleveland Ohio then you are near us! We have proudly served our clients with top-notch service by hiring experts with over 20 years of experience in the field. Garage Floors In A Day has you and your floor needs covered! We proudly provide our clients with a variety of different garage floor options and we offer a 15 year no-hassle warranty on all of our work!

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Flooring

If you’ve never had your garage floors worked on before, you probably have some questions. Here are our most commonly asked questions.

When Is The Best Time To Install New Garage Flooring? 

Painting your garage floors can be done at any time of the year although the best times are in the Spring, Fall or Summer for a quicker finish. The ideal temperature for installing a garage floor is around 75℉. 

How Do You Deal With Existing Cracks In The Garage Floor? 

If you have existing cracks in your garage floors, no worries, mending these blemishes is all a part of the process. Filling in the cracks with high-quality treatments to ensure that it does not crack again or spread. 

What Are The Benefits Of Coating Your Garage Floor? 

Not only will coating your garage floor make it safer for you and your family but it also adds to your home’s value. It is fire resistant, helps to reduce slips, and it will make your garage look and feel a little more homier. 

Contact Us Today To Book Your Appointment! 

If you are wanting high-quality contractor work for your garage floors then contact Garage Floors In A Day to schedule an appointment! With only a 24 hour installation time, your garage will be up and running again in no time! We take pride in the quality of our work and look forward to working with you!